3 tell tale signs you need to outsource your design

Outsourcing these days has become really popular and more necessary for businesses.

I outsource as much of my work as I can.

There’s one thing I’ve realised over the years and that is it’s cheaper in the long run to get an expert to help you with whatever you need.

I find outsourcing extremely beneficial because:

  • Offers a fresh point of view
  • Leverages new skill sets that may not be found my business
  • Takes advantage of senior-level creative thinking

I’ve found here at designus our customers usually use our services because of three often painful triggers in their business. Do these ring true for anyone for you:

Trigger 1: Your internal marketing team is getting burned out

Over the last six months your marketing team has suffered late nights at the office, the quality of the work has been less than ideal due to the workload, and deadlines have been missed. Even worse, one of your designers has threatened to resign because morale is low.

Trigger 2: Your internal marketing team needs specialised support

Your marketing department currently consists of a marketing director, marketing manager, two graphic designers and a copywriter. Although the team can generally handle most of the requests of the organization, some tasks such as developing a new web app, developing a new ad campaign, and creating a series of infographics may be great ideas but have been delayed because the team doesn’t know how to begin.

The expectation that your internal designers can do EVERYTHING is unrealistic.

Bringing on a team with specialised skills such as event branding, website design, creative direction or long-format publication design can enhance and complement your marketing team’s capabilities, improve their creative output and in some cases educate them on how to execute these materials themselves in the future.

Trigger 3: You’ve hired your first dedicated marketing person

Your business has grown to the point where sales and marketing can be delegated, and you’ve just hired a new marketing manager to join the team. Although this person has been brilliant when it comes to their marketing sensibility, budgeting, and working with you to get things done, they may not have the time or the design skills to execute your marketing collateral on an ongoing basis.

Outside design support is an excellent way to start building a marketing team that can execute your organisation’s marketing calendar. This allows your marketing manager to focus on what they do best for your business. For some organisations, this is the first step to building out a marketing department, for others, having outside design support is a long-term, cost-effective way of running a marketing department without having to pay an additional salary for a full-time graphic designer or team of designers.

These are all common signs that your internal marketing and design teams are being stretched too thin. If your organisation is rapidly growing and expanding your sales and marketing initiatives, or finding that there are periods in the year when you are consistently and overly busy, having an outsourced graphic design team can prove to be beneficial in many ways.

Have you come across these issues in your business or team?

Hiring an external team to take on some of the internal projects may be a welcome lifeline for your design and marketing teams. An outsourced design team can allow your internal employees to focus more on the day-to-day deadlines by giving priority to larger initiatives such as branding, product launches or other new initiatives. In this case, the outsourced graphic design team becomes an extension of your own team.

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Simon Harris