4 free infographics tools to create an Infographic in 30 Minutes (and you don’t even have to be a designer)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years you’ll have noticed the power of infographics for convey a range of stats and results quickly. At Designus, we’ve created many infographics for our clients but if you have a limited budget and design skills here are my top choices for free infographic design site.

Just in case you’re needing some inspiration on how to use infographics to inspire your audience by illustrating the value you create  I’ve put together a pinterest board featuring some amazing infographics from around the world:

Infographic inspiration board here

Here’s my favourite list:

1. Piktochart

• Price: Free
• Ease of Use: Easy
• Time to create: 30 minutes

Piktochart is an amazing option to create different types of infographics (personally my fav). You can pick from a few different formats, including a traditional infographic size (tall and skinny), presentation size (for slide decks), poster, and report.

Once you have selected your template, you can simply drag and drop to add any graphic elements (so simple) and text to your canvas and the best bit you can even upload your own image.

2. easel.ly

• Price: Free – pro accounts start at $3 p/m
• Ease of Use: Easy
• Time to create: 30 minute

easel.ly is super easy to use.  Really all you have to is either pick one of the many templates they offer or hit the “Start Fresh.” They also offer a way for you to search their template library by category.

3. Canva

• Price: Free
• Ease of Use: Easy
• Time to create: 30 minutes

Canva provides many different templates for you to pick from including Twitter posts, Facebook posts, Tumblr banners and many more—including infographics.

Once you select your template (you can also select a blank canvas to start with), Canva offers a variety of options, including a vast library of elements (some free and some you can purchase). You can also upload your own and add to your image.

4. Venngage

• Price: Free
• Ease of Use: Easy
• Time to create: 30 minutes

Similar to ease.y and Canva, Venngage offers you a lots of free optios to pick from in terms of what it is you want to create. You will find many templates for a range  things like posters, reports, promotions and infographics.

Within the infographic section, you will also find additional options to pick from that tend to deal with particular topics and categories of infographics that are really useful for charities, like:

  • Process
  • Statistical/ Charts
  • Informational
  • Comparison
  • Timeline
  • Geographic
Simon Harris