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Are you running Facebook/ Instagram ads but struggling to make them work?Average just won’t do!

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Successful online and offline advertising campaigns need both marketing insight and creative flair to make them effective. Hitting the right spot with your audience is all about engagement, not hard selling.

Recognising that customers don’t want to be told what to buy, Designus creates ads that are so persuasive and engaging, they’re almost irresistible.

We know how to design high impact ads that can attract new customers and drive significant and sustainable sales growth.


What we design


1200x628 is the most standard ad size and is the rectangular layout which works best for clicks to website campaigns.


1200x1650 is used most commonly for mobile targeting, this ratio fills up an entire phone screen


1080x1080 works well for Instagram advertising and also across mobile.


Carousel ads allow you to show multiple products in a single ad.



Here you’ll find some of our latest Facebook & Instagram ad designs.

Choose your package!

  • 1 Unique Ad
  • $60
  • For Facebook or Instagram
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  • 2 Unique Ads
  • $100
  • For Facebook or Instagram
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  • 4 Unique Ads
  • $180
  • For Facebook or Instagram
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  • 6 Unique Ads
  • $260
  • For Facebook or Instagram
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  • 10 Unique Ads
  • $400
  • For Facebook or Instagram
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  • Carousel Ad
  • $100
  • For Facebook or Instagram
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to all those questions we’re sure you’ll have about about the Facebook & Instagram ads we design.  

What’s the turnaround for jobs?

Our standard time is 24 hours providing you’ve supplied us with all the assets we need to complete the job.

I’m interested in buying a package from you. Do I need to buy them all at once?

You can use the credits for ads when you need them - we keep your ad credits under lock and key so when you need use one we deduct it. Package credits expire within 6 months.

Do you supply images?

We prefer you to provide your own images however if needed we can source images (depending on the image there could be an additional cost).

How do I brief in work to you? And is it a complicated process?

After you have purchased your ads we will send you a online brief form that you can easily fill out. The brief process is a simple one and e have a lot of experience designing Facebook and Instagram ads and we understand what will work best for your brand.